Porcelain Tree of Love Wax Oil Burner


Original Tree of Love Wax Oil Burner. Featuring a beautiful blue glaze.

The Oil Wax burner comes from fair trade whose artisans are in Thailand and work under honorable conditions. Handmade product.

Height: 8cm

The oil wax burner is bought direct from abroad, from suppliers who are members of WFTO, or who have been recommended by other WFTO members. Many of these suppliers have been set up as non-profit organisations to enable small-scale producer groups to export effectively, and to help them develop their products for larger markets like Europe. Most producers are organized in family groups or co-operatives no child labour, often in rural areas or small towns, and are highly skilled in their craft but have little experience of selling beyond a local market.

By buying this product in my online shop, you are helping to provide much-needed jobs in countries like Thailand, India, Cambodia, Kenya and Peru… for people who are often on the margins of society with little or no other source of income.

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Porcelain Tree of Love Wax Oil Burner

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