Mini Snowman Scented Candle


Mini SNOWMAN Scented Candle, Christmas gift. Scent of your choice. Handmade Candle. An original gift for your Christmas guests and family members.

The scented candle is poured into a small glass jar of about 40g (wax + perfume), the total weight of the candle is about 80g. The small jar is decorated with a red and white vichy ribbon.

My candle is elaborated in respect for nature and animals with biodegradable natural soy wax without pesticides and GMO, cotton wick and fragrances of Grasse.

The fragrances come from Grasse in Provence (France), the world capital of perfume. Non tinted candle, no dyes. Certified perfumes: European standards IFRA (international fragrance agency).

Cruelty Free: Candles are not tested on animals.

The scented candle is perfect for Christmas. Your guests and family will love them!

Entirely handmade, it can present some micro cracks, micro bubbles a slight frost. The wax can perspire, or shrink during a sudden change in temperature. All these elements have no effect on the functioning of the candle and testify to the quality of the natural wax soy and not paraffin.

Contact me if you wish a sending over Ile de la Reunion (Dom Tom)



– Orange Blossom
– Cherry flower
– Peach blossom
– Apple blossom
– Cotton flower
– Tiare flowers
– Fig leaf
– Gardenia
– Mimosa
– Peony
– Orchid
– Magnolia
– Violet
– Lily of the valley
– Pink
– Rose Tea
– Midnight Rose
– Honeysuckle
– Tuberose
– Flowers
– Monoi


– Chocolate
– Choco Hazelnut
– Choco Praline
– Hot chocolate
– Mandarin Confit
– Cinnamon Orange
– Coffee
– Moka coffee
– Latte Macchiato
– Pina Colada
– Banana Split
– Raspberry Cupcake
– Meringue lemon
– Barley sugar
– Honey Oat Milk
– Rice powder
– Cookie
– Cookie Peanuts
– Croissant
– White Nougat
– Little butter
– Vanilla
– Almond
– Pistachio Gourmet
– Caramel
– Salted butter caramel
– Frangipane
– Chantilly
– Frozen chestnuts
– Plum jam
– Biscuits with orange
– Gingerbread
– Coconut
– Cotton candy
– Dragées
– Dragibus
– Black Forest
– Bubble Gum
– Macaroon
– Vanilla waffle


– Shadow Strawberry
– Raspberry
– Black Raspberry Vanilla
– Raspberry Caramel
– Passion fruit
– Bergamot tea
– Wild berries
– Cherry
– Black Cherry
– Green apple
– Grapefruit
– Cinnamon Orange
– Orange pepper
– Lemon Verbena
– Strawberry
– Strawberries tree
– Rhubarb quince
– Mandarin Confit
– Peach
– Pear
– Apricot
– Banana
– Blackberry Bilberry
– Melon
– Red fruits
– Fig
– Cassis Freesia
– Coconut
– Green apple
– Apple blossom
– Passion and Acai Berry


– Verbena
– Lemon Verbena
– Basil Tomato
– Orange pepper
– Lemon Sage
– Mint
– White Tea Ginger


– Paper of Armenia
– Nag Champa
– Sandalwood
– Musk

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Mini SNOWMAN Scented Candle, Christmas gift. Scent of your choice. Handmade Candle. An original gift for your Christmas guests and family members.

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