Welcome to the shop! All my products: scented candles, scented wax melts and some decorations are handmade by me in the respect of nature and animals. Perfect gifts for all occasions: parties, weddings, baptisms, valentines … or simply to illuminate your private room. Our flowery, gourmet, woody and fruity ranges will transport you, a real olfactory journey. Change scents according to the seasons and transform your interior into a real cozy cocoon. The candles and wax melts will give a cozy atmosphere. Enjoy and indulge yourself. Do not hesitate to test and talk about it. Handwork shop.

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« A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweet, determination and hard work » – Colin Powell

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Dear users, I introduce myself, Amandine, entrepreneur at heart, having made the choice to be my own boss for more freedom and to take care of my health which proves to be weak at times. Undertake is for me, a major factor of success. I diversify my businesses.

Having the artistic fiber since my young age, between abstract painting and singing that rhythmed my adolescence. I express my creativity in different ways through the design of scented wax melts, scented candles, decorations of all kinds. I love the color and scents of Provence here is why I make it today my « leitmotiv »! Art lives in me and remains a necessity to my balance, I can not imagine my life without love and without art!

Traveling and working from anywhere in the world thank to Internet, I am what one can call a Digital Nomad. I invite you to visit one of my other sites: Umanitii Founders. I often add the stories of my journeys. You can also register on Umanitii, a free network I created with my partner to promote your artistic and professional activities and Promote your Business.

Finally, it turns out that I have a special passion for the art of cultivating its organic vegetable garden, permaculture, and the cultivation of aromatic plants. Check out my blog posts on these topics: Potager de Provence.

Entrepreneur, Creator, Passionated Digital Nomad.

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